Company Profiles

  Lanzhou Jintudi plastic products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, and located in Wanchuan Industrial Park in Yuzhong of Lanzhou City. It covers an area of 1067 acres. The registered capital of 30 million Yuan, the total assets of 290 million Yuan, It is mainly used for agricultural film, agricultural greenhouse film, plastic products, plastic sheets, pipes, waste plastics recycling, processing and production and sales, We are the modern agricultural technology development and promotion, trade and business as one entity enterprises, at present,our company has 8 subsidiaries,and 3 branches in Xinjiang, Ningxia, Qinghai (Province). We are the largest agricultural plastics industry in china.

  Our company has 4 series products, more than 60 varieties, has 80 domestic advanced plastic agricultural film production line, 6 sets of pipe equipment. Our annual sales are more than 30 thousand tons of agricultural film, and plastic pipe more than 6 thousand tons; sales reached more than 300 million Yuan. The existing staffs are 360 people, including 20 undergraduate education, 45 college education, 15 professional and technical personnel, and 232 production workers. Company establishment: general manager's office, supply and marketing management department, production management department, administration department, finance management department, logistics management department and so on. Management science, standard, reasonable staffing, well-equipped, strong technical force, agricultural plastic production scale is located in the forefront of China.

  Our company not only strengthens the quality of products, but also pays close attention to after-sales service. "Xing rain" brand of agricultural products have been sold to more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide, consecutive years winning the Gansu provincial government agricultural purchasing task, and our agricultural products for 5 consecutive years by the Gansu provincial government awarded the "Gansu famous brand" and "famous trademark of Gansu province", we have been involved in the development and implementation of polyethylene blow molded agricultural mulch film Gansu local standards (DB-62/2443--2014). Our company has a deep user base and a broad market share in the Northwest region, at present, company owns independent durable film of invention patents and durable plastic molding machine invention patents, 2 utility model patents (environment-friendly agricultural covering film repeated use of patent and utility model durable head patent). Independent R & D black and white color film has been exported to Southeast Asia, to achieve independent research and development products out of the country's goal.

  In order to reduce the white pollution of plastic sheeting on the formation of extensive use of rural land, at the same time in response to the national government of the "energy saving and emission reduction", our company in 2013 to invest about Thirty-five million yuan, the construction of agricultural recycling projects, production PE water-saving pipe and other plastic products, it has been designated as a clean agricultural production demonstration project by the Ministry of agriculture, and has played a leading role in the recovery and reuse of waste plastic film in china, and truly realize the recycling of resources, for the company's sustained and stable development has laid a good foundation.

  Our company adheres to the management tenet of "serving modern agriculture and benefiting thousands of households"; the implementation of "technology leading, quality service, management innovation" three major projects, around the industrialization of agriculture, at the same time, we exploit the complementary advantages to the full, forming a good situation to highlight the main industry and other the industry, company are still with lofty prestige and high sense of responsibility, and provide high quality products for the society.